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Model for Jellyneo

How to Model for Jellyneo

Mervin the Modeling Magician Meepit

Thank you for wanting to help us build up our database of Neopets wearables! We're almost always on the hunt for Neopets modeling some of the latest wearables we still need to capture. Below you can find a how-to on how you can help!

Finding What We Need

  1. Look for the "Models Needed" section on the sidebar to your left (or up top if on a mobile device).
  2. Select the type of list you would like to browse by—we sort our modeling needs by item types, such as Baby- or Mutant-only wearables, and by species. You can also view All Items Needed for a master list.
  3. Found an item needing a model on a species you own? Great! Proceed below...


  1. Modeling an Item: Visit the Customisation page on Neopets, and place the item on the species we need. Click "Save Changes".
  2. Modeling a Neopet Colour Combo: Turn your Neopet into the gender or emotion we list as needed.
  3. Visit the Submit a Model page, and enter the Neopet's name into the text box.
  4. Click "Model It!" and we'll do the rest!
  5. You'll receive confirmation of the modeling being complete. You may immediately remove or change your Neopets' outfit.

A few notes on modeling:

  • You need not own the Neopet to model it. If your Neofriend has a Neopet wearing an item we need modeled, you can go ahead and type in their Neopet's name to model it!
  • You may model as many items as you wish at once. If you all fit together on your Neopet at once, you can model in bulk.
  • We will grab the wearable/emotion information as soon as you model it, so you can immediately change your Neopets' outfit.
  • Our items needed lists are updated periodically—usually once every 15 minutes or so.
  • Our mouth/eyes needed lists may take awhile longer to update, as we usually need to manually tag each asset with its gender and emotion.

As a thank you, you will receive points for every item or pet emotion you model for Jellyneo! The more things you model, the more points you get, and the better modeling trophy you'll get for your shiny jnAccount trophy cabinet! Wait, trophies? Yep, trophies and a high score list!