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Latest Customisation News

NC Mall Valentines Freebie

To celebrate Valentines Day, a free goodie bag is now available at the NC Mall.

Opening the goodie bag grants the following item:

As with other NC Mall goodie bags, you may collect this on your side accounts.

NC Archives Wheel Updated

The prize pool for the NC Archives has been updated! If you have an active Archives Cookie, you can take a spin of the wheel and be granted retired items from NC events of the past.

At the moment, we're still gathering information on the new prize pool. It appears former prizes from the Festival of Neggs, Charity Corner, Stocking Stufftacular, Maraquan Grams, Neopies VIP Raffles, Birthday Wish Candles, Daily Dare, and even the January Weekend Sales are available. This time, the Wheel received a complete overhaul with all new segments and items not previously available from the Wheel.

Zafara Day Roundup

To celebrate Zafara Day, a new colour has been released:


An outfit very loosely based on the Zafara from the Twisted Roses band is also now available:

And a new Zafara plushie is also now available!

Sweetheart Grams + Re-Release Capsule

Sweetheart Grams have returned to the NC Mall! The first gram is now available:

These grams are also now available in 5- and 10-pack Bundles!

Special Note Again This Year: In the new Beta Inventory, items are grouped together rather than listed individually. For items like Sweetheart Grams, this makes it difficult to know if you have an LE-awarding gram, should you have multiple grams in your inventory at once. You may wish to only have one gram in your inventory at a time.

In addition to this year's Gram, a Sweetheart Gram-themed re-release mystery capsule is now available. This capsule includes items from Sweetheart Grams over the years.

This capsule also comes in three different bundles that effectively give a bulk discount:

To see what's inside the new re-release capsule, check out our Mystery Capsule guide!

(And if you open any of these capsules, let us know if you receive a prize not listed on our guide!)

February NC Collectible

The second item for the All Hail Brightvale collection is now released, and features the Royal Potionery! This item will only be available in February.